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October 1, 2019

Clear skin you say? I’m so here for this. Gone are they days where I used to grab a pack of face wipes, wipe that make-up off (badly) and hop into bed after a girls night, as I headed into my mid 20’s I thought it was time to give a lot more TLC to my skin than I did when I was a teen. Ever since I started dabbling in new products, i’ve been obsessed with finding something thats right for my skin ever since.

Growing up in my teens I was very lucky when it came to my skin, I didn’t suffer from acne, I had the odd spot and had fairly small pores but I did suffer from those pesky blackheads, however, I never really messed with my skin until I started to get into skincare in my 20’s. I maintained a clear face by testing & trialling products that worked for me. A few years on, anxiety & stress hit me in the face big time, literally! so I decided to come off the pill and this is when my skin thought ‘you’ve had a good few teen years i’m going to reap havoc on your skin in your 20’s’ thank you hormones! Although my mental health was better, my skin wasn’t in the best of shape, I was now dealing with oiliness, spots every 4 weeks and larger pores. Was I experiencing adult acne? Help!

This is when Aver Aglow came in, I hadn’t seen a lot about this product here in the UK but the more I researched I found that people had great results from it so I wanted to give it a go myself and document my results over 3 months. The first thing I noticed was how natural the products were, something I had noticed using past products was that there was quite a lot of chemicals in them and I wanted to stay away from that so this was a huge yes from me to give the products a go.

I was sent the ‘Clear Skin Kit’ which contains 4 products, each one is labelled 1-4 so you don’t forget the routine in which to use them. This also came with routine instructions for day to night. So lets start with number one…

  1. Clarifying Hydration Dew

This is a lovely refreshing spray that is applied to your skin before applying any of the other products day & night, much like wetting your face with tap water but this contains Rose Petal & Cucumber infused with anti-bacterial face mist so its the perfect prep for your skin routine and smells divine too! This calming ingredients also reduce redness, reduce oiliness & tone the skin.

2. Radient Cleansing Nectar

I really love the consistency of this, it gently exfoliates, refines & detox’s your pores it has a lot of natural ingredients in it for example; witch hazel, Chamomile, Vitamin E & rosemary leaf extract. What I love about this cleanser is that it doesn’t strip your skin, it just gets rids of the bad bacteria leaving all the good on your skin, another great thing is that you don’t need to wash it off, it can be applied with a cotton pad, buffed into the face and left for the next treatment! I really love this cleanser and I noticed a difference in the size of my pores over the past 3 months too.

3. Clear Skin Elixir

I LOVE this product this is definitely my favourite from the range, every time I’ve used this on my spots they have reduced is size or disappeared. this product contains French pink clay, vitamin A, jojoba oil & over 70 minerals! It is a overnight blemish reducing mask that helps balance oily, combo, and dry skin types and helps heal and prevent breakouts, scars, marks, and uneven skin tone. I have also used it on problematic areas like hormonal spots and left over night and woken up feeling fabulous & glowy! most nights I don’t put it everywhere I usually target where my blemishes are and my oily areas and this works well for me, I don’t think I’ll be able to live without this little bottle of magic!

4. Flawless Nourishment Cream  

I found this product really strange to use at first as its a solid oil which then turns to liquid on contact with the skin, nothing like I had ever used before. I’m so used to applying a moisturiser after cleansing however, once I got used to it, it was hydrating a felt lovely on my skin once it sunk in. Be careful not to use too much as a little goes a long way! This product contains Shea Butter (my favourite!) and lots of oils for goodness such as avocado, argon, raspberry, rosemary, bergamot & jojoba oil so no wonder my skin feels good afterwards.

I have documented my progress of using the products over the past 3 months, the first couple of weeks you might not think its working but this is just your skin adjusting to the new products and drawing everything out – yes you will break out! but this is a good thing. I had a good week of this and I felt fed up however, I haven’t had a breakout as bad since, so please persevere with it, it will be worth it trust me.

I am really impressed with the results and you can see from my photos that this range has really improved my skin and… I DIDN’T BREAK OUT WHEN I WAS ON MY PERIOD. During September is how my skin looked during lady week, i couldn’t believe it, after months of dreading this time of month it’s finally stopped! coincidence? I think not, I think this routine has worked wonders for me.

Well done Aver Aglow, i’m a fan.

You can buy all products from the website below:

This post was created in collaboration with Aver Aglow, as always, all reviews are my genuine and honest opinion.

Photographer for outdoor shots: Catherine booty


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