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July 19, 2019

Did you know I went to Venice!? You’ve been living under a rock if you haven’t, I haven’t stopped posting about it for the past few weeks but boy! have I found some fabulous locations to shoot so this post is here for you creatives who want to get those colourful snaps in the most picture-esc city ever.

I had an amazing work trip visiting this city, and I feel so lucky to have been part of it. I was invited by Ovadose Creations & Franklin & Sons to create some beautiful content in the (boiling hot) Italian sunshine. When I began searching for the best places to shoot, there was a lot of images but not a lot of information on the locations, which was quite frustrating. Not a lot of the places were tagged on Pinterest or on blogs so I thought I’d do a post so if you ever want to visit and get that Pinterest worthy shot, you know where to go! So let’s get started with the iconic ones.

Rialto Bridge 

A very popular spot to take photos, i’ve always wanted one here from seeing dreamy shots on instagram and Pinterest.

You can’t miss this bridge with it being one of the main attractions in the centre of the city, you can get numerous shots here with this beautiful architecture in the background. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers create this photo so I definitely wanted one for myself too. 

How to get there:

We walked over from the left past the water taxis, over the first set of steps to Rialto bridge, turn right & cross over the bridge, turn right again until you go around the corner and perch on the corner. The ledge looks bigger in pictures but its quite small when you get there so don’t stand to close to the edge!

If you’re lost look out for the candy cane looking poles and just follow those, there might be a wait for pictures so you might have to be patient, Misha and I had to wait for a family to finish their pizza & 8 kiwis but we eventually got the shot! 

Venice bridge shots

Everywhere in Venice is beautiful and colourful no matter what bridge you get a photo on, it’s going to look stunning but again I would suggest to go either earlier or 7pm onwards in the evening; golden hour is stunning in Venice! we ventured further into the backstreets and found some quieter areas to shoot which was great, if you want a gondolier in your shot though you may want to stick to the busier bridges but just explore, explore, explore! It’s the best place to wander around and you’ll find something new around every corner.

St Marks Square

Now, I didn’t manage to get a shot of me and the cathedral because it was SO BUSY probably the busiest place I’ve been in Venice there are people everywhere! I managed to get a few shots opposite the cathedral where it was a little quieter but if you want the grand shot you need to get there very early, set that alarm, this ones a commitment!

Rustic walls & gondola shot 

This is my FAVOURITE location.

It took us a while to find it as no one seemed to tag where it was! It’s a little hard to explain where this one is so I took a photo of the hotel ‘Hotel S.Moise’ right opposite it so google maps will take you there, it was nice and quiet here so it’s perfect to spend time getting the shot that you want.

Rust(ic) walls

The colour trend in Venice is definitely orange, you’ll find a lot of rust coloured walls in and around Venice, we found this super cute side street on our way back from the rustic walls & gondola shoot.

This is perfect if you love your imagery to be warm and summery! 

Pier & Pizza 

We found these little piers to the right of Rialto bridge, if you walk down the backstreets you can get to them, they are usually quiet and only have small boats coming in and out every so often so it’s perfect for you to sit down and relax with a pizza and a tasty infused soda like us! We made a little picnic set up for the brand and I love the images the girls got.

Pasta Shots 

This little gem of a restaurant is right next to Rialto bridge and surprisingly not as expensive as I thought it would be! The Bolognese was soooo delicious! try to get a spot at the back of the outdoors bit this way, you can get some of the bridge in or the lovely views behind. 

We sadly didn’t have time to visit Burano, but if you want colourful content thats the place for you! I’m heading back to Venice next month so I’ll be on the look out for more beautiful places in Burano.

I hope you enjoyed the post!

Lots of Love, Nina x


Hope you enjoyed the post! Let me know what you think.

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