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June 4, 2019

Senses. Aren’t they an amazing thing? 

Especially scents, they remind us of a certain time in our lives, taking us back to that moment, reminding us of our most cherished memories. They spark stories and offer comfort and happiness each time we smell that familiar scent that’s personal to us.

When I was invited by Lalique to attend their new perfume launch in Paris,  I was over the moon! I’m always on the look out for new summer scents and the concept looked perfect for my style so I was excited to learn more and of course, smell it and be in the wonderful city of Paris. 

I have a strong connection to Paris so I was immediately excited for this trip. It’s the first place Lee and I visited as a couple, I travelled here with my design job and now I had the chance to go back with this fabulous job that I have now! its a beautiful place and will always be one of my favourite cities to visit. 


After we arrived we were then treated to a delicious lunch by Lalique we headed to the event and we were introduced to the lovely Lalique team who brought this beautiful fragrance to life. After we had a tour of the launch, we then went to a counter which displayed all the ingredients that inspired and created this summery scent. I asked the lady who worked in the laboratory where her inspiration initially came from, she said it stemmed from her waking up to the sunshine, feeling happy, content and thinking of the first things you smell in a morning. Hers were inspired by her own personal scent (Musks) bed linen (Jasmin) & coffee (cafe lattes) she then introduced this idea to the team and they too discussed their favourite scents. They took these ideas, decided on the final ingredients of the perfume, and then Soleil was born. 


The concept behind the perfume really resonates with me, it’s all about being ‘the sun child’ a girl who loves waking up to sunshine, being outdoors, a free spirit, natural & happy which I feel suits the scent very well and everything I like to be when I am waking up in the sunshine! It’s very warm with hints of cafe latte, mandarin & almond and smells delicious on my skin. I loved hearing about the concept behind the product as it’s never occurred to me how much thought actually goes in to bring a perfume to life like this and I loved that it had a personal connection to the team who created it. 


The design of the bottle is so eye catching too, It’s elegant summer style was inspired by the sun’s rays hence the unique shape, it also comes with a jewel chain wrapped around the neck which was inspired by  the lalique Art Deco earring, this then can then be taken off and used as a charm bracelet, cute right? Perfume & jewellery all in one! 


It’s definitely a summer scent to be wearing right now with the weather being so nice, perfect to take away with you on your summer holidays and not only will you smell delicious, it will also give your dressing table a little hint of sunshine elegance.

This post was created in collaboration with Lalique, as always, all reviews are my genuine and honest opinion.


Hope you enjoyed the post! Let me know what you think.

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