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May 14, 2019

Ever since I was little I’ve always suffered with dry skin. I had eczema on my hands and on the back of my knees and now that I’m older, I still suffer from it on my hands and have very dry skin on my feet. So I’m always on the hunt for something super moisturising that isn’t going to irritate my skin further so I look to natural products and you can’t get more natural than bees themselves!

I am a sucker for skincare, I honestly invest more in my skincare than I do anything else and I think it’s so important too. We only have one body so let’s look after it! Not only do I try to look after what’s on the inside, what’s on the outside is just as important as our skin needs goodness to absorb too.

When I found out that the Beesline Beeswax balm could be used to help relieve eczema i was intrigued to try this range for myself. It is a multi-purpose balm that contains antimicrobial properties which provides ultra-nourishing & intense healing effects for cracked, chapped & dry skin. I found that this one worked best for me on my hands and rougher areas such as elbows, hands and knees the honey like texture of this looks quite greasy at first, however once you massage it in it soaks up in to the rougher areas and leaves your skin feeling super soft.

I’ve been using Beesline Apitherapy (bee therapy) for the past two weeks now, if you dont know what that is basically the products used for these contain honey, beeswax, royal jelly & propolis combined with fresh botanicals such as eucalyptus and peppermint so all this natural goodness is bound to give your skin a treat!

When I first tried Beesline the immediate thing I noticed was the smell, each had a hint of honey of course, but each product smelt delicious. I tried the foot cream first as I don’t look after my feet enough and this is something I need to do more of! the foot cream contains antibacterial peppermint & eucalyptus so it cools your feet down whilst moisturising them too. I’ve been using this on my feet every night for the past few weeks and its been working wonders on my dry heels. I would recommend to pop some cotton socks on after applying the cream to ensure all that goodness soaks into your skin.

My favourite everyday moisturiser from the range has to be the cold cream, it has beeswax & rose in it so its very delicate on the skin, I’ve even been using it on my face as well as my body and its not greasy too which is perfect for oily skin types like me! I just wish it was in a larger bottle as I use suit a lot of it on my legs so I think I might run out rather quickly. Like the cold cream, the beeswax soft balm is an all round miracle worker and the perfect size for travelling. You can use it on your lips, body and even hair if its lacking moisture and needs urgent hydration.

The lip balm is an absolute dream to use, I’ll definitely be buying this again, it also contains beeswax but with added nigella seeds. I always carry a lip balm with me, because I wear lipstick every day, my lips tend to get dry so I’ve been trialling this one and its a perfect base before you apply your lipstick or to wear on its own! again, all-natural loveliness!

After using the range for the past two weeks, I’ve found that my skin feels much softer with less dry areas, no chapped lips and supple soft heels! I would definitely buy products from this range again, and it proves to me that natural really is best!

If you fancy giving any of the products a try yourself, you can purchase the Beesline range through the fragrance direct website

This post was created in collaboration with fragrance direct & beesline, as always, all reviews are my genuine and honest opinion.

Photography by Catherine Booty


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