My top 3 Translucent Fake Tans

March 10, 2019

Happy Sunday My Loves!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend! the weather here in Manchester has been awful this week and its made me crave a holiday, but as I haven’t booked one a bottle of the fake stuff will have to do!

I have tried possibly every fake tan there is so I thought I would do a post on the ones I am currently using. My favourite tan for years was the St Tropez Express tan, I loved that it developed in 3 hours but my bedsheets and light coloured clothes did not! So when *Isle Of Paradise kindly gifted me their self tanning water I was like how the hell does this work!? this is magic! so I began applying it on to my skin panicking thinking ‘Oh gosh, I can’t see where i’ve applied it, quick rub it in’ and this continued for 10 minutes and trying to do my back was a *guess, spritz and rub in* kind of job however, when I woke up the next day I was amazed; I had turned the most lovely shade of golden! No streaks in sight, no orange hands or feet and most of all NO STAINED BEDSHEETS! this tan is perfect for slapdash tanners like me!

I continued to use this product applying once weekly and for me it seems to last up to 10 days before I need to scrub off and apply again, the thing I love about this tan is that its long lasting and has a nice fade, no more tiger bread looking skin! winner!

After using this for a while I wanted to try out more translucent tans like this, so I headed to Tan Luxe. I had used the Tan Luxe face oil drops for years; you mix it with your everyday moisturiser and it gives you a gorgeous glow without clogging your pores. So I wanted to try out their tanning water. This stuff smells absolutely amazing, I went for the medium-dark and it looked like I had been on holiday by the time I woke up in the morning! This one sadly didn’t last as long as the Isle Of Paradise but that could be because it was just a little too dark for me, I will try the light-medium next time but nevertheless its an amazing tan and fades nicely too.

Finally, back to *St Tropez! they have brought out a new translucent tan called ‘purity’. This one is slightly different to the other two as it comes as a gel formula which then turns to water when making contact with your skin, best applied with a mitt to ensure even coverage. The first thing you’ll notice about this tan is the smell, it smells unreal! no biscuit smells in sight, just beautiful tropical scents! and again, no stained bed sheets or clothes and I woke up feeling golden with no streaks in sight! you don’t have to wash this one off either and its super moisturising which I love as I do suffer with dry skin when it comes to tanning so yet another winner for me.

So there we have it! I’m stocked up on these for the summer months and can’t wait to use them. Let me know if you use any and how you get on!

Hope you enjoyed the post! you can shop the tans below! *affiliate link

Lots of love, Nina x

I have tried and tested the above 3 fakes tans and as always provide my honest opinions.

*St Tropez Purity – Gifted

*Isle of paradise – Gifted


Hope you enjoyed the post! Let me know what you think.

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