Hello 2019.

January 15, 2019

Hello my lovelies. It’s been a while.

Hope you all had a great end to 2018 and now in full swing into January! No blues I hope? I’m definitely feeling refreshed after a trip to Lanzarote during Christmas and New Year,  I highly recommend going away on those days! 

Lets rewind to December for a second, did anyone feel a slight panic towards the end of December and think what have I done this year!? because silly old me did! I’m naturally a positive person however, when I panic, I PANIC I’m a huge worrier and I said ‘I haven’t done anything ‘big’ this year’ whatever that means so I gave myself a slap across the face and reminded myself of what I have achieved this year; I’ve grown my blog & instagram and worked with brands that I adore, I’ve travelled the world with my job, had a holiday with my girls, had holidays with my boy and spent my time with people who I love. No I didn’t buy that house we had planned too, we didnt find one we loved. It wasn’t our year to and this year might not be it either but we’ll see won’t we. So why did I panic over it?

Because I set myself far too many 1 year goals and looking back I realistically couldn’t have done it all. I think like many people I put too much pressure on myself to do too much last year or as I put it, do something ‘Big’ and I put buying a house, planing a wedding into that category when it doesn’t need to be put in to any category at all! We all have our own goals big or small but your big could be someones small and vise versa. I have so many things I want to do/achieve but I’m not going to cram everything into one years resolution like I tried to last year. I recently watched the Coldplay: A Head Full Of Dreams documentary and Chris Martin said that in four years time they are going to headline Glastonbury and you know what? he did it in 4 years and 3 days. He told us of this ONE goal but look at how much more he achieved in the years leading up to that one goal!?

What i’m trying to say is, if you do have that goal your striving towards this year and you don’t do it in a year, reflect on what you have achieved on your way and you’ll be bloody proud of yourself that’s for sure!

So here’s to no more New Years resolutions for me and just goals that I strive towards. Enjoy the year, don’t put so much pressure on yourself, embrace the opportunities the come your way and most of all be Happy!

Lots of love,

Nina x 

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