A Hidden Parisian Treasure

August 10, 2018

After a long day of shopping and visiting the busy area of the Louvre, I headed back to our hotel down Rue de l’Arbre Sec ready to head to the airport when this little shop caught my eye. I have a habit of looking down the side of side streets (if that makes sense!?) I’m always on the look out for new locations, or in this case, old locations! and I’m glad I looked right when I did.

I stopped and said to my friend Amy, ‘wait look at that place there, what is it!?’ we thought at first it was a book shop but when we got closer down the cobbled streets we realised we had found an absolute treasure of a shop right in the corner of a Parisian side street.

The first thing I noticed was the smell, it smelt musty, the papers and magazines had been there for years, I definitely didn’t feel like was in 2018, as cheesy as it sounds it felt like I had stepped into a scene from a vintage parisian movie.

As a designer I was in my element, it had Vogues right the way from 1915, the illustrations were beautiful! I didnt take many photos as I just wanted to take it all in and to be honest, I didn’t even plan on doing a post about this place but I feel like you all need to know about it! It sold every newspaper, magazine, prints, poster, maps and postcards you could think of. We even found an old school Daily Mail; I think it was from the 70’s? You could spend hours in this little cave of traditional media. There were archives from Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Brigette Bardot, Chanel, YSL I could go on!

At the front I spotted a box full of postcards from years ago, the old handwriting was stunning – I just wish I knew what they said!? I really hope its a romanic note to a loved one. If anyone reads French, I would love to know what is says!

The even had a cute 80’s Disney postcard!

Sadly we only had about 15 minutes in here as we had to leave to the airport but I could of spent hours in there. Whilst I was in there I couldn’t help but think what media was like back then it was much slower, more detailed & thorough than it is today, sometimes I wish it was still like that, everything is so fast and ‘now now now’ these days.

I’m definitely going to have to save some pennies for when I visit here again, I can’t wait to go back and spend longer rifling through the magazines and treat myself to a vintage Vogue or Harpers Bazaar. Its a perfect little place to buy a a gift for someone special, and if you can’t find what your looking for chances are its in the courtyard where many more rows of old boxes live.

If your even in Paris please take yourself away from the busy city life and spend a good few hours in this magical place, I will pop the address below.

La Galcante

52 rue de l’arbre sec



I hope you enjoyed the post!

Love, Nina x


Hope you enjoyed the post! Let me know what you think.

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