Denmarks Underated City

June 4, 2018

Hello lovelies!

I wanted to do a little travel post about a work trip I went on last week.

Have you ever heard of this city called Aarhus? no me neither until I went last week and what a beautiful part of Denmark it is! I’ve always wanted to visit the popular Scandinavian cities of Copenhagen & Stockholm as I’ve heard how beautiful the shops/lifestyle is there but I feel that Aarhus has been overlooked and has become a bit of an underdog which has now made me want to visit the lesser known areas of other countries after visiting this beautiful place.

I couldn’t believe how clean & relaxed this place was, not a piece of litter in sight and almost everyone cycled everywhere, there were hardly any cars and their working hours are 9-4 what a great way to live right!?

I instantly felt chilled after being there for a day, their relaxed culture and way of life is definitely something that us brits should take on board. Something that really surprised me was the long summer days; the sun rises between 4am – 5am and doesn’t set until past 10pm, it was still light at 11pm! so when we went to sleep & when we woke up it was bright outside! so bizarre but much sunshine which made those summer days last longer.

Everyone seems so friendly too, people would smile as you walked passed or say hello, not to mention everyone who lives there could be a bloody supermodel I’ve never seen so many beautiful people in one place in my life!

So from experience and research, I’ve complied a list of things to see & do if your ever thinking of visiting, I’m heading there again soon so I’ll do a little post of new things that I find too!

Things to do & See


Famous for its cuisine, this place is full of cute cafes & restaurants along the canal with many Michelin star restaurants dotted around the city. We visited a lovely restaurant called Anker which only opened a few months ago, if you love seafood get the seafood platter its HUGE & so fresh!

The Aarhus street food market is also famous, situated in the old bus garages this market offers all sorts of street food from all over the world from traditional danish dishes, Mexican, American &  many more – theres something for everyone!


If your into museums & art galleries make sure to visit the Aros museum, with its rainbow coloured architecture its hard to miss!

The architecture here is definitely an old meets new with gorgeous traditional  houses to the famous iceberg apartments which look insane, I didn’t get to visit these this time  but definitely will next time! Google them, they are amazing!

The old town is so colourful I was in my element! terraced houses were decorated in orange, yellow & blue, perfect for us colourful bloggers.


The shopping here is great! its all within walking distance  and easily accessible with a variation of highstreet brands, independent boutiques & department stores. Magasin is the big department store with many danish & UK brands inside and girls, Aarhus also has a SEPHORA! Winner!


When researching I found that Aarhus have an Arts & Culture festival every August- September over 10 days featuring Food, Art & Music for all you art & food lovers!

Have you every been to Aarhus? if so where else would you recommend? I would love to hear!

I hope you enjoyed the post!

Love, Nina x


Hope you enjoyed the post! Let me know what you think.

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