April 17, 2018

Hello lovelies! Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA the past few weeks I’ve been crazy busy with work/holidays/getting ill! So I’ve finally got around to my Disney post! Get ready for the inner child in me to come out!

I was sooooo excited to visit THE DISNEYLAND  the actual one Walt Disney helped to build!? I couldn’t quite believe it when I was there. Despite the awful weather in the morning, it actually went in our favour for the rides, we queued for quite a while in Paris with the weather being amazing but for the morning in LA we literally just walked on! with our ponchos of course as we weren’t really dressed for the rain!

Once it stopped we took the ponchos off and headed to the castle for some photos, I wanted to share with you all my lovely bespoke Disney ears made by my talented friend Elizabeth, I did a post about these when I went to Disneyland Paris  if you want to check out my floral ones, they are stunning!  So I wanted to go all pink and girly this time so she made me these lovely pink & white sparkly ones!

I also had to share these gorgeous floral ones she made my my friend Linda, and the little floral cart complimented them perfectly!

If you want a pair for your next trip you can shop them here or contact her on Instagram @bibbidibobbidistore

After a quick coffee & cookie stop (had to get a photo of these cuties!) We were approached by a lovely photographer called Kelsie and she wanted us to model some products from a brand called thread wallets so we thought hey why not! this isn’t an ad by the way, I just wanted to share the super cute photos that also look like they could be photos from our wedding day! we were genuinely laughing so hard thats why I love them so much.

I really love the edits of these – Thank you Kelsie!

Now enough of the photos, heres a low down for the inner child in you and the best rides to go on when you visit Disneyland:

  1. Space mountain OMG this was amazing, make sure you get a fast track for this one!  I actually felt like I was in space it was very dark, very fast and I screamed louder than the 4 year old in front of me…very embarrassing.
  2. Haunted Mansion  we were so lucky to walk straight onto this ride, I went on it in Paris but it was all in French so it was much better to hear it all in English! Its a spooky one or those of you who like to get scared!
  3. Stars Tours this was unreal! I’m not a Star Wars lover but Star Wars fans your going to loose your S**t when you go on this ride, it was one of those VR simulators and it was bloody magical!
  4. Matterhorn Bobleds this is one of the oldest rides in the park and possibly the fastest in my eyes, it was sooo much fun but very rickety and lots of sharp turns! also beware of the yeti!
  5. Its a Small World  The happiest cruise ever It’s become a bit of a tradition to go on this ride now, it’s cute catchy song gets you swaying from side to side feeling extremely happy as you go around in a little boat and the colour palette is just stunning!
  6. Peter Pans Flight Awww this one was so cute! it took me right back to my childhood and I loved it. It is quite short but very magical, this always has a big queue so make sure you fast track this one.
  7. Pirates of the Carribean  I love the films so I really enjoyed this one with a slow(ish) boat ride telling the story from start to finish, this is a long one with a few drops in between which makes it all the more fun!

Can I go back now please? I feel sad after writing all that!? haha it literally is the happiest place on earth.

Hope you enjoyed the post!

Love, Nina x


Hope you enjoyed the post! Let me know what you think.

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