March 12, 2018

Happy Monday you lovely lot! I started writing this blog last night after I finished my lovely long walk in The Lake District however, I wanted to edit the photos before I posted it but I haven’t even bothered editing the landscape shots because just look at those views!? its perfect as it is! I’ve been wanting to do a post like this for a while so here we are sit tight and prepare for a little rant and a bit of Nina preaching.

How many of you have found yourself so engrossed in your phone you realise you’ve spent a good hour if not more scrolling through all the social media apps, the news, replying to endless messages that you end up with a headache afterwards? I certainly have so I want to talk about how I no longer do this and why its important not too.

I love Instagram. Its given me the platform to grow as a blogger and I am so thankful for that, I’ve met some amazing people on there and I feel inspired each day looking at other bloggers, designers, interior pages etc and its a perfect research platform for my job too, also the perfect place for your little business to grow but sometimes it does have a negative effect on others; please remember Instagram shows off the highlights of someones life and they decide what they want people see, sometimes we get so engrossed in other peoples lives we forget to live our own and end up comparing ourselves then get all frustrated wanting to be something or someone else when you should just enjoy being you! Its time to stop and switch off from time to time, literally.

I used to be on my phone A LOT and then I got annoyed with myself, annoyed that I had wasted so much time on something that doesn’t actually matter and I wasn’t living in the moment. Now that I blog, this obviously does matter to me however, I make sure I’m not on it all day everyday so once I’ve uploaded that post or that photo I turn it upside down or pop it in my bag and get on with my day, check it now and again but I’m not spending ridiculous hours on it. I reply to comments when I can but don’t beat myself up about it if I don’t straight away. I don’t have my notifications on because I don’t want to get distracted at work or if I’m with the girls or Lee on the weekend I don’t want to be on it too much as I’m here to spend time with them, not online. So I gave myself a good talking too and now just live in the moment. Thats what I did again today.

I packed a bag/water/food/camera and switched my phone to flight mode ( I did use it for story videos but I uploaded these when I got home all at once!) I threw on my walking gear and set off on our 4 hour walk – my legs are bloody killing today! We walked through the hills, into caves, stopped for a few photos on the way and sat on a bench and took in the beautiful Lake District countryside where we grew up. I love living in the city but this place will always be home to me, I’ve found living in a city its always so fast paced, everyone seems to be in a rush all the time and sometimes I want to shout SLOW DOWN.

The irony of that is I actually told myself to slow down yesterday because I found myself walking really fast when we started our country walk, I slowed down the pace and took in the views. Whilst on our walk I noticed something that never happens in the city; almost every person we walked past said ‘Hello’ or ‘Good Morning’ and if they didn’t speak, each and every person smiled at one and other, some even stopped to talk to us if they had a dog – by the way I met over 60 dogs yesterday and anyone who knows me well knows that alone would of made my day! I was in my element! The friendly atmosphere and the countryside air was the perfect place to be on a Sunday afternoon away from the busy city life, away from being constantly ‘online’. I felt so refreshed and clear headed after this walk and slept so well last night because of it!

If you find yourself glued to your phone a lot in the evenings after a long day at work or on the weekends, put it down and do something thats going to lift & energise your mood. Heres a few of ‘The little things in life’ that I think should instantly lift your mood.

  1. Have a little pamper with a face mask, a bath, or treat your nails to a new colour
  2. Swap your phone for a good book especially at night time – bright screens are not the one for when the brains ready to sleep, reading a book helps me relax so hopefully it does for you too!
  3. Call/FaceTime that friend or relative you haven’t spoken to in months – I did this on Thursday evening with my friend from uni and I’m so doing this more often!
  4. Try Meditation or Yoga, even if it is just 10-20 minutes every weekend or everyday.
  5. Go for a nice walk with your loved ones – you don’t have to go all the way to the Lake District for one although I would highly recommend it! just head to your local park or field and take in the outdoors and swap your phone for a camera so you can get creative and not distracted.
  6. Treat ‘movie night’ like your actually at the cinemas and turn your phone on silent and don’t look at it, get some popcorn in a, grab a duvet and watch the film.
  7. Grab your hairbrush and sing at the top of your voice ‘THIS IS ME’ from the greatest showman (if you haven’t heard that song btw you really should!) I haven’t sang this into a hairbrush yet but I’ve most definitely sang it, badly. Theres nothing better than a bit of self love hey!

Find out which ‘switch off’ method works best for you and enjoy it, also always remember, be your own beautiful self and do what makes YOU happy.


Hope you enjoyed the post! Let me know what you think.

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