January 7, 2018

Happy New Year you lovely lot!

I hope you’ve all had an amazing Christmas & New Year, I’ve had the busiest one yet and its been very different from previous years but I’ve loved every minute of it!

I have just arrived back from Lanzarote after the most relaxing start to the new year; I’m still in holiday mode as I’m currently sat in my PJ’s with a G&T in hand, and no I’m not doing dry January, maybe dry February but probably not… Anyway, I feel so refreshed from the holiday season ready to take on another wonderful year and I’m going to tell you all why.

As soon as I break up from work and book my train back up to the Lakes, I am already in holiday mode. I love going home and seeing my family, close friends, old school friends and people that I haven’t seen for years! Everyone is home for Christmas and I love being part of it.

Its also a tradition of mine for me and my girls to all meet in Costa in Kendal on Christmas Eve for a hot chocolate and a good catch up! This year we had a family gathering on Christmas Eve too which was super fun! and I spent Christmas Day at home, then to my brothers in Windermere for the evening.

After all the food and drinking I like to do a walk around the festive period so on Boxing Day we put our walking gear on and ventured out to Bowness & Windermere, it was lovely to see the lakes all festive and wintery.

After my traditional Christmas festivities I needed to pack up to get ready to jet off to Lanzarote on the 28th where Lee’s parents have now relocated to. I’ve never even considered going abroad around this time of year because Christmas to me is all about sitting by the fire with movies on repeat, staying in your PJ’s all day and drinking far too much mulled wine! So it all felt very strange travelling back to Manchester, but swapping the mulled wine for sangria is something I am beginning to warm too.

The weather for starters was just perfect. When I arrived it was around 22/23 degrees and stayed like this for the whole week minus a few cloudy occasions and the sunsets were stunning to watch every night. It was the perfect weather for sitting outside and sunbathing and to do that in December/January is just crazy to me but it felt amazing! The other thing was I instantly felt sooo relaxed!

We spent New Years day on the Beach and a lot of the locals were there with party hats on and playing games, it was a really nice atmosphere and a perfect place to relax and recover from a few days of drinking!

Next year we are planning to do the same as I still love my traditional Christmas in the UK but knowing that I will be finishing the year in a warm climate is even better!

I’d love to know what your favourite things are about that time of year? Would you consider going abroad too?

Lots Of Love,

Nina x


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