Disneyland Paris

October 2, 2017

Hello Lovelies!

The day finally arrived to go to Disneyland Paris! after a week of work what better way to spend your weekend than at the happiest place on earth and I had THE best day ever.

First of all the weather was just amazing and the sun was beaming down on Aurora’s castle plus I was with my lovely friend Elizabeth who is a huge Disney fan so I had the perfect company for this magical day!

Elizabeth is also the designer of these AMAZING Disney inspired ears, she made me a ‘Tangled’ pair as I love the film and they matched my dress perfectly! you can buy these from her etsy store Bibbidi Bobbidi Store, or check out her Instagram for more designs @bibbidibobbidistore my dress is also from Topshop.

We arrived early to get a good photo at the castle (and because we were super excited) as we walked in the song from Up! was playing so I nearly shed a tear of happiness before we even got there.

As we arrived on a Saturday the park was extremely busy and in the afternoon the waiting times did go up to over an hour but with this weather we didn’t mind at all we went on the smaller rides whilst waiting for the bigger ones! My favourite ride was the Pirates of the Caribbean & the Peter Pan flying ride so definitely go on those if you go! Perfect for the kids too!

After a few rides we stopped at the cutest cafe for a rest to give our little legs a break from running around like crazy girls!

I also dressed up as the mad hatter years ago for my 18th birthday so I couldn’t resist a cheesy photo…

Cinderella is one of my old time favourites so I had to get a photo of the infamous carriage.

As the day drew to a close everyone started to gather around the castle for the illuminations and it was just incredible I nearly cried! Literally felt like a child again the best part of Disney for me! After the show finished we headed to the gift shop and bought these super cute matching Disney rings.

Stay tuned for more posts on my time in Paris!

Hope you enjoyed the post!

Love, Nina x



Hope you enjoyed the post! Let me know what you think.

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