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May 28, 2017

Happy Sunday Everyone!

I love Sundays and even better that its a bank holiday tomorrow so we have an extra day, yay!

My lovely Lee came home with flowers yesterday as he knows how much I love having fresh flowers in the house but I wanted to do something different with them this time and share with you all.

I’ve got a new obsession with collecting these pretty pink Fentimans bottles, I want to collect as many as I can for my wedding to use these as decorations so if anyone has any going spare send them my way!

So heres a step by step on how I did these:

  1. Wash the bottle – make sure its clean read for fresh water and flower food maybe soak a little bit to get rid of the pink stained bottom, unless you want that look then go for it!
  2. Remove the Leaves –  In order for the roses to sit nicely in the vases, either remove all leaves or just leave the ones at the top, I removed all of them as they were looking quite squashed in the bottle.

  1. Trim the stems I wanted the roses to sit at different heights in the bottle so I trimmed these at an angle at different lengths.
  2. Fill the Fentimans  – I filled a large vase with water and flower food and then separated this equally to fill each bottle half full.

Voila! You have your pretty little vases ready to place around your home!

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Love, Nina x



This is such a cool idea! I love the final look too 🙂



Hope you enjoyed the post! Let me know what you think.

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