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May 20, 2017

Hello Lovelies!

I’ve decided I’m going to start doing a weekly blog post for my favourite outfit each week, whether it be a new piece, an old and new or just something I have put on that morning it will most probably be new as I’m always buying something! Working in fashion you can’t not really!

So here’s my favourite outfit for this week I absolutely LOVE this top.

The sleeve and bow detail are amazing and it’s a soft hue of pink which is my favourite kind.  I stumbled across this whilst looking for a bikini in RI and i instantly fell in love and had to buy it.

My gingham trousers are from Zara and the bow shoes are from Topshop.

Can you tell I have a thing for bows at the moment!?

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Love, Nina x


Hope you enjoyed the post! Let me know what you think.

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