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April 11, 2017

Hello lovely people,

So I got my new delivery of products a few  weeks ago and have been meaning to blog about these! I was super excited to try out the Coffee & Mint body scrub! for starters it smells amazing who doesn’t like the smell of coffee!?

The scrub is so full of goodness containing Coffee, Sugar Cane, Dead Sea Salt, Cacao, Coconut, Shea Butters & Peppermint. So the instructions said to massage in light, circular movements into damp skin, paying particular attention to problematic areas – I suffer with stretch marks and a little cellulite so focus on these areas if you suffer from these too!

Leave on for five minutes then rinse cleanly away, and reveal super smooth and nourished skin. Whilst doing this its safe to say I made a bit of a mess of the bathroom but hey! it was worth it! my skin felt so amazing I felt like I had been to a spa and once it was washed off the mint felt really refreshing.

Overall I really love this product its perfect to use to remove dead skin, tan and generally refreshing your skin.

‘Happy’ –  Aromatherapy Soy Candle

I loved my first candle from Coopers which was ‘Calm’ and great to put on at night before bed so I wanted to try a new one that I could use throughout the day and night. I choose ‘Happy’ this candle is so refreshing I usually put it on in my home office when working and getting focused or on a weekend when I’m relaxing at home.

Coopers also list the key ingredients to help you decide which one is right for you. This one breaks down the ingredients and the positive effects of each scent, all candles are great if you suffer with mental health.

Lime – Uplifting and refreshing. Alleviates anxiety and depression.

Clementine – Uplifting and zesty. Enhances mental clarity. Boosts mood.

Basil – Energising and peppery. Relieves stress.

As discussed in my previous post I still swear  by the ‘Sleepy Head Pillow Mist’ They have a mini travel size of this spray coming soon which I’m super excited about as this is going to be perfect for when I do my Far East trips and my body clock is all over the place, if you suffer with insomnia or just need a boost to drop off at night, spray generously onto your bed linen and your pillow and settle down for the night.

Hope you enjoyed the post!

Love, Nina x




Hope you enjoyed the post! Let me know what you think.

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