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I fly to LA today for a works shopping trip and I’m super excited! So I thought I would talk about what I’m taking in my hand luggage, the essentials and one of my favourite outfits that I’m going to be wearing.

The Hand Luggage

I try to pack lightly when packing my hand luggage as I hate carrying heavy rucksacks around airports! This lovely one is from Asos £12, but unfortunately it has now sold out 🙁 and my travel cushion is from WHSmith, I bought this in an emergency when I realised I hadn’t got one for a 13 hour flight to China and its done me well ever since!

  1. Travel pouch  – This is actually a clutch bag but I use this as a travel pouch to keep the important stuff; money, passport & flight details. I also like to take a notepad and pen with me as I like to hand write to do lists or ideas and you always need a pen for filling in your entry form to the US.
  2. Purse – essential, I always make sure I have my currency exchanged before the airport as the exchange rate is really high, I usually go to m&s for this.
  3. Baby wipes – I usually use these to take my make up off with if I don’t have any face wipes
  4. Lip Conditioner, Estee Lauder – My lips get really dry on planes so I like to keep them moisturised with my trusty lip balm/conditioner!
  5. Toothbrush/Toothpaste – Essential for long haul flights, some airlines usually give you mini ones but I like to take my own.
  6. Hand sanitiser  – Always!
  7. Deodorant – being on a flight for 11 hours in the same clothes isn’t always fun so I like to freshen up when I can.
  8. Sunglasses – Once I arrive I will most likely swap my specs for my contacts and put this lovely pair on.

I also pack a spare pair of underwear/socks too!

In my clear bag I don’t usually take a lot now – I used to take my make up but I’ve learned that on long haul flights the last thing I want to be doing is applying more so I usually take it off towards the end and apply my trusty Kiehls moisturiser, I usually put it in a little tub in the morning after my morning routine, sorry I haven’t included it in the photo! But you can buy the product here. Its great if you suffer with dry/combination skin and I usually find my skin drys out on flights so its perfect for feeling revived again.

Hand Luggage Electricals

  1. Mobile Phone essential, of course.
  2. Charger – I decided to buy an extra long lead as I always find the plug is at the other side of the room.
  3. Power Charger – these things save my life on trips. As we are taking photos all day everyday the charge runs out pretty quick but these portable little things are perfect for giving your phone some juice and not stopping off at a cafe every hour. I usually take two with me; a small one for my hand luggage for the plane and a large one in my main case and I use this one when we are out and about. You can buy the small Kodak one here and the Anker one here which I highly recommend as it lasts for days and chargers your phone almost 7 times faster than a standard Apple charger!

The Travel Outfit

  1. Converses – These trusty guys are still going strong! they were once white now grey/cream, I prefer them like this it gives them character! These goes everywhere with me whether it be a Far East trip. shopping trip or Holiday. They are so comfy & great for travelling in.
  2. White Top/Vest – plain, simple and easy.
  3. Plissé Co -ord – Thank you to Zara & Topshop for bringing this fabric out at the same time! this trusty co-ord is perfect for travelling in, its comfy, breathable and feels like your wearing pyjamas; a perfect choice for a long haul flight.
  4. Glasses – Essential or I’m blind. I don’t usually travel long haul flights in my contact lenses as your not supposed to sleep in them so I give my eyes a rest and wear my specs.
  5. Watch – My trusty Cluse goes with me everywhere

The Shoes!

Choosing shoes when I’m packing is stressful as I can never decide which to take so I decided to take all the ones I was deciding on!

  1. Studded boots, Alexander Wang –  I live in these! although I probably won’t were them much as the weather is looking very warm.
  2. Birkenstocks – My favourite ugly sandal. Practical & Comfy
  3. Peep Toe Sandals, Topshop – bought these last year and I will probably wear them to death.
  4. Bow Sliders, Topshop – How flippin’ cute are these!? so comfy too and perfect for shopping all day.

My Favourite Outfit 

As we are going for 5 days and shopping lots, I needed to narrow down my outfit choices as I would usually take everything but this time I have been strict and selected 5 day time and 5 nighttime outfits.  This is one of my favourites that I’m taking and I can’t wait to wear it! This silky co-ord is from Sabo Skirt and goes perfectly with my sliders & sunnies for a soft pink overload! It comes with a tie which can be used as a choker or a belt. See below for where to buy the look.

  1. Shorts, Sabo Skirt buy here
  2. Top, Sabo Skirt buy here
  3. Necklace, Asos buy here
  4. Rose Gold Sunglasses, Asos buy here
  5. Sliders, Topshop buy here

So there we go, a few essentials for my trip! I may not get much of a chance to blog out there but I will definitely be posting lots of photos on Instagram! Hope you enjoyed the read 🙂

Love, Nina x


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