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March 23, 2017

Hello Lovelies!

So I wanted to talk about some of the products I like to use, I have just received my second batch of goodies from Made By Coopers and I couldn’t recommend these products enough. What I love about them is that they are all natural and handmade and the range focuses on emotional wellbeing which is great for me as I suffer with anxiety. I was first introduced to these when my lovely soon to be in laws, Mr & Mrs Jolley bought me the ‘Trio Of Tranquility’ set for Christmas. As soon as I opened the packaging the smell on the ‘calm’ candle was amazing!  I couldn’t wait to use these so here’s a review on each product.

Calm Soy Candle

I love having candles in the apartment and especially if they help me to wind down after a long day or if I’m feeling a little anxious. I put the Calm Candle on in my bedroom before I went to sleep and it filled the room with a gorgeous scent of Lavender & Rosemary, instantly calming & relaxing. As I struggle to sleep sometimes I was also excited to use my ‘Sleepy Head Room & Pillow Mist’ this little bottle of magic smells gorgeous, I love lavender as it reminds of of being a little girl at my grandmas house. I spray it on my pillow and in the air above our bed, it makes Lee sneeze a bit but hey, he nodded off soon after! I couldn’t recommend it enough if you struggle to nod off or just need to wind down after a busy day I use this every night now.

Vanilla & Rose Bath Salts 

I felt like I was in my own mini spa when I had these in the bath – look how pretty they are and it smelt like heaven!

This product also has Epsom salts in which I use regularly after the gym to help with muscle aches and pains so this was like a luxury version! My skin felt so smooth and soft after using this so if your in need of a good relaxing bath & a skin detox; pour a generous handful into warm running water, fill tub to desired level, and relax for a long soak. Click here to take you to the product

Hope you enjoyed the read, my next post will be on my newest products from Made By Coopers 🙂

Love, Nina x


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