10 Tips To Get Your Creative Space At Home

March 11, 2017

Hello Lovely people,

I thought I would do a post about my studio space at home and how you can achieve it on a budget. Ever since moving out of my tiny student room in Preston where I had fabric, clothes, pens, paper you name it scattered all over the place I came to the decision that I wanted a little studio space of my own where I can take myself away in to a creative bubble and just design. So my lovely Lee bought me a desk as a coming home gift and this is where the obsession started. I began creating wall art and buying all sorts of accessories for my desk, pinning ideas like a mad woman on Pinterest but this didn’t help as I had far too many ideas and not the right bank balance.

So heres a few tips for those of you wanting to create your own space without over spending.

  1. Start with the essentials; invest in a good desk – this will be the biggest expense as you want this to last you; this one was from Ikea and I like that its adjustable because if I am pattern cutting I can adjust the height of the table, has plenty of storage space in-between the legs and plus its lovely clean and white! – Table & Legs £110, Ikea
  2. Desk chair – I am currently using my dining room chair until I buy a decent one, or jazz it up a bit with a cushion cover. Take a look at Ikea for chairs, prices usually start at £30 for a decent one.
  3. Floor lamp, or any lamp really but use a white bulb!– I didn’t think this was essential at first it was more of a novelty but it really helps when your picking pantone colours at night, or if your bulb blows on your sewing machine you can rely on the good old (well new) floor lamp to be there for you. £49, Ikea
  4. Stationery pot – why not use a plant pot? bargain!  £2, Ikea

5. Cactus/ plants – you can buy a pack of 3 cactus’ from Ikea and they are so cute they come in different plant pot colours too if you have a certain colour scheme you can add the green/pink/purple for a pop of colour £4.50, Ikea

6. Vase & flowers – I love having fresh flowers in our apartment but a lot of the time I forget to buy them for my studio so I have the artificial back up. I bought this peony bouquet from the range for £3.49.

7. Wall Art – fill that wall with Inspo! I started making my own wall art for my room and printing it at home, I looked at ideas online and on Pinterest to create my own version on illustrator; if you don’t have this there are lots of templates out there for you to download on Pinterest and other blogs and you can adjust to your colour scheme 🙂 Frames from the range start from £1.50

8. Reed diffuser – I love coming into a fresh scented room, especially the ones with calming aromas as this helps you to relax and de stress whilst being creative – it certainly helps me when working from home. I have just ran out of mine which was from The White Company, a little more expensive than what I would usually pay but the ‘Seychelles’ collection smells gorgeous! If your after a cheaper alternative Next & Home Sense have some gorgeous scents for under £8.

9. Mug – I love tea & coffee so I alternate between my monochrome initial mug from Paperchase (price unknown as it was a gift but I think they are around £6) and my pink one from Ikea £1.50

10. Clothes Rail – You don’t always need this but I like to hang my new buys on here or the outfit for the next day as I usually get ready in here in the morning. £6.50, Ikea

So there you have it a little guide to getting your own creative space! You can aways play around with colour schemes and mix things up if you fancy a change-  I know I’m always changing my wall art but its all part of the fun!

Please feel free to ask me any questions, hope you enjoyed the post.

Love, Nina x




Hope you enjoyed the post! Let me know what you think.

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