‘Pretty Tough’ Final Collection AW17/18

March 10, 2017

Hi Lovelies,

So I thought I would go back a few months (actually nearly a year ago now!) and talk a bit about my last year of university and what inspired my final collection, I do have another Instagram dedicated to my work but i haven’t really explained what the collection was about and how it all started.

So I called my collection ‘Pretty Tough’ AW17/18, I came across a ‘forgotten’ subculture whilst doing research. Now, everyone had heard of ‘The Teddy boys’ but these were ‘The Teddy Girls’ and I instantly loved their look and their rebellious attitude towards fashion in an era that was so known for its waistlines, these girls were fearless and dressed like the boys instead! However, their signature accessory was a clutch bag which I LOVED! so I decided to icnorporate this accessory into my outfits – see below.

I wanted to use this masculine contrast to combine it with the soft hues in my colour palette as i’m still a sucker for a girly colour scheme. The attitude heavily focuses on the teddy girls and also photos from my childhood inspired colour blocking and 90s’s minimal silhouette influences. The clash of innocence and rebellion created a collection with youthful undertones, yet a mature feel.

Colour inspiration was taken from rough looking exteriors with a chaky texture to create a feminine palette with dusty pinks, mint hues and accents include soft greys to contrast and compliment the pretty tones.  I have always loved the colours pink & grey and its great that it has became so on trend in the past few years, if you look at my portfolio I almost always had a hint of pink or grey in my designs – I love just the combo!

See below for a few photos from my look book x

Photography: Ian Wood

Model: Lisa May Jolley



Hope you enjoyed the post! Let me know what you think.

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