4 days in New York City

March 9, 2017

Being a designer I am very lucky that I get to travel every season for inspration and I was super excited when I got told I was going to my dream city! NYC is most definitely the best city I’ve been too so far, its always been a dream of mine to go here from a young age and then the Sex & The City series just fuelled my need to go even more!

You’ll be surprised how much you can cram into 4 days in NYC it really is the city that never sleeps, and neither do you! While researching and shopping, being a stereotypical tourist was also on my list. We walked across Brooklyn Bridge, which is so long by the way don’t wear heeled boots if you plan on doing this huge mistake by me. It was one of the warmest days in October! The sun was shining and the bare legs were out so we had to get some lovely photos, of course 🙂

Once we crossed the bridge we went to Williamsburg which I loved, it literally felt like an American version of Northern Quarter in Manchester with quirky restaurants and vintage shops it was like a home-from home place to be, everyone was very chilled out and friendly which gave it a really nice atmosphere, theres lots of wall art and you can get some amazing vintage purchases – Rach found a pair of Burberry velvet wide leg trousers for $60! Bargain!

After some sight seeing food was next for us, ‘Brunch’ is by far the most popular meal in NYC, the breakfasts/lunch meals are huge and so yummy! A favourite of mine was Cupping Room Cafe in Soho, if you go to NYC you need to go here this cute little cafe had such a lovely atmosphere, great food and great coffee!

I ordered the pancakes with berries, nuts & cream and they were delicious! Drool over the photo below (excuse the lipstick stained mug!)

For lunch we couldn’t not go to NYC without trying the famous New York Pizza’s.

My friend Rach is obsessed with Pizza so almost every day we had one but without a doubt Lombardis was the tastiest and the largest!

Located in Little Italy, Lombardi’s was the first American Pizzeria in NYC. Its retro layout and warm atmosphere made it the perfect setting after a morning of shopping, we couldn’t quite believe how big they were when they arrived!

Now for Dinner, Beauty & Essex; this place was by far my favourite I actually felt like I was in an episode of Sex & The City at this place. First of all you turn up to what looks like an old pawn shop, we went in thinking ‘Is this actually a restaurant!? The girl behind ‘The Till’ then opened the door behind her to the most gorgeous restaurant.

The atmosphere was perfect with and the Dj playing chilled R’n’B so we had a little boogie whilst sipping a Cosmo, the food was amazing and the service was great.

And…They had a free prosecco bar in the ladies toilets! Could it get any better!?  if you go to New York you NEED to go here.


So if any of you out there are going to New York in the future I have compiled a list of places to go and some that I didn’t get chance too. I made this for my friends who went around Christmas time, I’ve included Carries address in there too 😉


Hope you enjoyed the post! Let me know what you think.

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